CNC Precision Milling & Turning

Advantage Machine utilizes high-speed vertical machining centers with 3-, 4-, and 5-axis capabilities, spindle..

Production Machining

We maximize optimum speed utilization through automation & lean manufacturing practices, our Fanuc control…

Turnkey Services

In addition to high-quality machining, we also offer: plating, painting,silk screening,light assemblies,parts marking,engraving

CAD/CAM Capabilities

Our CAD/CAM system allows us to import a variety of file formats, such as IGEs, SLD, X_T, and STP. We are able to support.

Quality Inspection

We utilize two Zeiss CMMs to inspect our parts. We perform First Article, In-Process,and Final Inspections on all of our parts.


We work with engineers to develop prototypes and offer guidance to streamline the manufacturing process, making the product…

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